Alliance Score vs Individual Contribution Points

Rankings are based on alliance scores. Higher the score, the higher your rank and the better the reward. Your goal is to get into the top 10.

R5 automatically gets their reward in mail.
There are 9 core rewards and 90 main rewards.
R5 hands out the 99 rewards based on whatever criteria your alliance leadership decides.

In order to qualify for reward, you need 10k contribution points. This is broken down into 3 main points:
– Season Points: Gained from tiles (another note to be posted soon)
– Stone donations: self explanatory
– War points: during duels, you gain points individually based on what you do (hitting tiles, buildings and ACs), these points are summed up during war as well to determine the victor of wars. (See note on duels).

Among these 3 types of points, only season points contribute to your alliance score. Thus, it is your priority to be tiling nonstop to help your alliance.

Stones are necessary to place other ACs and war points affect winning wars but at the end of the day; tiling is your alliances bread and butter.

Winning and losing wars will give you 20% of the opponent’s alliance score or take 20% of your alliance score and give to them.

Therefore: Your net alliance score is everyone’s season points +/- points gained/lost from wars.