Basics of Duels

3 War Days a week:
Tues (when build day starts)
Thurs (when hero day starts)
Sunday (when free dev starts)

Set Truce timer (can change once every 7 days) based on when most number of people will be online in your alliance. Durability is your bottleneck, the more people online the better.

Three timeslots for wars, only two matter.

00:00 to 08:00
08:00 to 16:00
16:00 to 24:00 (rare to have wars here)

Reset wars are most popular

If you set a truce for first time slot, you will war during second time slot

If you set a truce for second time slot and you didnt war during first time slot, you’ll have your war in 3rd time slot.


Three teams:
Defense Team (to defend home ACs)
Tile Team (to path to enemy ACs)
Offense Team (to attack enemy ACs)

Updated Jan 20, 2020 Wars last 2.5 hours: 30 min prep + 2 hour war (Side note: It’s possible to have two wars in one day but very hard for conditions to be met)

Whoever has more points by the end of the 2 hours wins
In the event of a draw (or agreement to do nothing, 0-0, the declarer wins by default)

Winner gets 20% of the loser’s alliance points

Alliance points come from winning wars and taking tiles (season points)


You get points from taking enemy tiles, attacking honor structures and ACs.

During prep, you place a rally point near enemy AC1 to start building your path to their AC, they will try to block you (by porting in bases and taking their own tiles)

You need fighters in your APC to have 500 destruction power to take enemy tiles in one hit

5 DD missiles per war, that only r4 or r5 can fire at an enemy base, guaranteed to hit, cannot be stopped by anti missiles. only stipulation is the enemy base has to be touching one of your tiles.