Clash of Zones

August 4, 2019 UPDATE: My Video Guide for Optimizing CoZ Rewards and Daily Challenges is available now:

Each season of Clash of Zone (CoZ) is 5 weeks long, starting with a warm up week and then 4 rounds. In each season, 16 states compete to win in their group. Winning states move up tournament style and face other winning states, while losing states match up with other losing states after each week. Four round elimination to find the champion and top 4 advance up to the next division.

Throughout the event, you will get “Clash of Zones Score Multipliers”, this is used to increase your points for 30 minutes. So it must be activated BEFORE you start spamming whatever it is you’re going to do (details below). If you’re able to accumulate a lot of 50% bonuses, it is always better to exchange 4 of them to get 100% bonuses.

Given that CoZ occurs back to back nonstop, it would be beneficial to upgrade Zone Commemoration (to help unlock rewards) and Zone Conflict (Military buff during CoZ). You will need courage medals in order to upgrade these, which you can get from daily challenges (hourly) as well as CoZ chests.

By upgrading the Zone Commemoration Tech Tree, you can unlock boxes 4, 5, 6 and 7, 8, 9 plus you’ll get up 400% more points, as well as double the rewards. A full Zone Com tech tree + 100% multiplier means you’ll get 500% more points, 9 boxes (double rewards = equivalent to 18 boxes).

Original Version by (Yoghurt #122):

Day 1: Gathering. Start gathering prior to start of event so you can get a head start. Buy a gathering bonus from the alliance store which gives you a 50% gathering speed for 24 hours (it also retroactively applies to any previously gathered resources as well, thereby giving you more than 24 hours of usage). Before returning your APC to your base, make sure to use one of the Clash of Zones Score multipliers (50% or 100%) to increase your points.

  • Note: Gather whichever resource that your buffs apply to (tech/heroes/parts). I’ve already done several tests and resources are gathered at the same speed respectively if gathering tech is maxed (30%).
  • Thus, points are the same if you gather food, fuel, lumber or iron but avoid diamonds.

Day 2: Building. Big buildings give more points, start building in advance so it finishes on day 2. Use speed up’s if you have any. For those of you who bought the Arms Supply, the construction center comes in handy here by speeding up builds so be sure to upgrade it.

I set up a “Countdown Timer” to help out with Build and Tech Day:

Day 3: Research. Same deal as buildings, big tech upgrades (expensive, higher level, etc) will give more points. Start them in advance so it finishes on day 3. Use speed up’s, multipliers, etc. This is one of the harder ones so you’re probably going to have a multiplier leftover, save it for Day 4.

  • For both Buildings and Research days, points gained is based on the power difference between levels. So when you go details, calculate the power difference between current and next level, then multiply that number by the point value.
  • You should do this to avoid “wasting” points for going over the hourly challenges for the 3rd box (gold). 

Day 4: Heroes. Self explanatory, same as hero development events. Refer to breakdown of points during event to figure out what works best for you. BEFORE starting, activate the multiplier and then spam everything you can do: recruit, upgrade, unlock, kill, exchange, etc.

  • I save all my recruitment tickets and wisdom medals to use for this day. Optionally, you can choose to skip this hero day to continue saving them for Day 7, where you pick hero development as your free development event.
  • Wisdom Medal Recycling: Upgrade a blue or green hero to level 12 then unlock all the skills. Use wisdom medals to upgrade the skills until you have enough points for the gold box then stop. Wait for the next event to continue. Split heroes to get back 80% of your wisdom medals. Repeat for as long as you can to farm gold boxes.

Day 5: Troops. If you’ll recall in my general tips guide from before. Researching tech, hero skills & bunks allow you to train more units at once. Well, that comes in handy here. You’ll want to train as many units as you can and at the highest level that you can.

  • Save your speed up’s for troop day to train troops or promote troops for weekend kill event
  • Strengthen a troop is when you enhance it via command center, if you have the technology researched.

Day 6: Kill Event

Day 7: Free Development. VERY IMPORTANT. YOU MUST SELECT WHICH EVENT YOU WANT TO DO. IF YOU DON’T, IT WILL DEFAULT TO KILL EVENT. Even if you select another event, your base will still be prone to attackers who are participating in the kill event.

For those of you not participating in the kill event:

  • You must shield up for duration of the event (48 hours), so buy a 3 day shield.
  • If you cannot shield up, send your troops to someone who does have a shield or send them out to the other corner of the map so the other state cannot attack your troops.
  • Attacking other players will break the shield.
  • You can attack zombies, rebel camps, gather points and wendels without breaking shield. However, leaving them at gather points will leave your troops vulnerable to attack.
  • Missiles can hit your base through your shield but will not break the shield.
  • All your APCs need to be home for you to activate a shield.
  • When you teleport, you keep your shield on, regardless if you’re moving to another spot in same state or between states.

For people participating in the kill event:

  • If you teleport to the other state, your base will remain in your home state with a purple shield, which looks different than the normal blue peace shield.
  • Stock up on advance teleports, random teleports, shields, attack bonuses, defense bonuses and anti scout.
  • There is no NAP, so it’s literally a free for all.
  • Make sure our hospitals are upgraded to be able to accommodate the wounded troops. Overflow will cause troops to die.
  • Advance Port beside a player, attack then as soon as you’re done, random teleport out. When you advance port, your APC’s will instantly recall but in order to random teleport, you have to wait for your APC’s to return home.