Destroyer Missiles

You get access to Destroyer Missiles at the start of Season 2

(Updated Jan 2020)

Cost / Storage:

  • Costs 100k stone to build.
  • Any R4/5 can build a destroyer with stones from alliance warehouse.
  • 24 hour cool down before you can build another.
  • Can store a total of 3 at once. (Potentially 4, having 3, using one then buying another immediately = 4)


  • Only the Guardian can fire it.
  • Must a minimum distance of 18km away from ACs and can be fired from 300km away.
  • Click a tile and the missile icon will appear then pick destroyer missile.
  • Takes 5 minutes to channel / charge it
  • During this time, your shield drops and everyone in the state can attack you. Can be anyone in your DD bracket, so would be better to use this on Tues / Thurs wars only. Using it on Sundays means your CoZ opponent can hit you as well.
  • You must be able to endure in that spot while channeling. If zeroed, you will port out and the channeling will stop.

Area of Effect:

  • Once landed, a 5×5 area becomes scorched, which only your alliance can place a rally point and land bases inside of.
  • The tiles themselves are not immune to capture, the defending alliance or any surrounding alliance can capture scorched tiles thereby preventing you from landing there.
  • Within a 5×5 area, you can place a rally point and land 3 bases there.
  • If you pick the right area with open spaces, you could potentially open up a 6×6 or 6×7 area instead.