Doomsday Timeline

Just an FYI, for people that aren’t following the whispers. The rumor is S1-240 will start regular ol DD tomorrow instead of Eden..

  • So S1-160 had 2 seasons of Eden then back to regular DD
  • S161-240 only had 1 season of Eden last season and now going back to regular DD
  • S241-320 are still slated to get Eden tomorrow so what that means for newer states for future seasons, I have no idea.

However, the most important thing to note is.. upon getting Eden for the first time, you get ALL SX heroes available to you (split into multiple seasonal recruitments). Only 1-80 had a time-released set of heroes

  • S1-80 got their first 6 SX in S4X, then another 4 SX in first Eden and another 4 SX in second Eden
  • S81-160 got (6+4) = 10 SX heroes in their first Eden and another 4 SX in second Eden
  • S161-240 got (6+4+4) = 14 SX heroes in their first Eden
  • So I can only imagine S241-320 will get (6+4+4+4) = 18 SX heroes in their first Eden tomorrow

If Eden still exists for your state when it comes out.. you’ll potentially get all SX heroes at once as well, which puts you guys at a huge disadvantage in trying to max out heroes.

So in order to future proof your game play and heroes, you may want to consider “skipping” seasons to continue saving up super recruits for SX heroes.

Updated Jan 20, 2020 Here’s a comparison of the difference in Seasonal Recruitment between S1-240 (first picture) and S241-320 (second picture). So yea, save up tickets…