Garrisons and Legions (Quick Start Guide)

You get access to Garrisons at the start of Season 3

– Each AC has it’s own garrison. 4 AC’s = 4 Garrisons
– Each Garrison has it’s own legion master.
– Legion master is assigned by R5 or Overseer.
– Legion master can be hotswapped infinite times, no cooldown, you can literally change legion masters every second (I tried).
– Legion master can only control one legion at a time. In order to control another one, you have to be removed from one then added to another.
– Garrison costs 1,000 stones (from alliance warehouse) to build. The option to build only appears to the legion master in the state view (where you build res plots and HBs)

Garrisons are 3×3, with 5,000 dura (or maybe it’s 7,500 now after the 50% more dura update). It has more dura than honor buildings but less than an AC.

Defense wise, functions similarly. If the garrison has no troops reinforcing it (garrisoning it), then the enemy will chip the durability away bit by bit similar to honor buildings and ACs with no reinforcements.

Legion Pool (I forget what its called) can have 10 APCs in it.

The actual legion itself can have 5 APCs in it. I believe top of red spec tree gives you +1 APC in legion = 6?

Steps to join a legion:
– Player clicks on respective AC then joins legion
– Legion master then adds APCs from the pool into the legion
– By default, the legion is used at the respective AC, not the garrison.
– Legion master has to move the legion from the AC to the garrison (wherever it may be, in state or in enemy state), takes about 5 minutes to transfer it. You get to see an animation of an actual airplane flying your troops LOL.

You can have a garrison at each AC or you can have all 4 in the sand or all 4 in the dark green, up to your defense/offense strategy.

There’s a short tutorial at the beginning of garrisons, shows you how it works but basically, you can set up to 5 target tiles and the legion will send out APCs in sequential order to the 5 tiles to capture.

Things to note:
– APC’s do not regenerate dura once they join the legion, so make sure APCs join legion with full dura
– Players that join the legion should have immunity to take tiles in the zone that where the legion is to be used
– Players in legion should have enough room in their tile cap as well.
– Your R5 or Overseer should be online for war to hotswap legion masters on the go. The R5 and Overseer can be legion masters themselves as well.

Defensively: Legions can be used for blocking
Offensively: Legions can be used for bridging

HIGHLY recommend you PRACTICE using legions during prep week. Get your alliance members to join the legions so that your legion masters get a chance to test out the functionality of taking tiles and transferring troops between AC and garrisons.