General Tips

Note: Most of the content of this page are outdated given the changes over the past year.

Hello, my name is Priam and welcome to LSS Tips, here you’ll find a comprehensive tip sheet covering the many aspects of Last Shelter Survival. These tips are short and sweet, straight to the point. I also have some in-depth video guides as well as dedicated pages for specific events. I would recommend you read and watch everything on my website.

Most of the tips here apply to raiders only since the late game requires you to be a raider to progress any further. That said, your early progression is easier if you are a farmer (to make resources) or trader (to make money to buy resources) but not necessarily faster, as a raider can loot everything (including money). It is recommended you start or alternate between farmer and trader until level 19, where it’s required to become a raider.

Base Development

  • General note, there is no penalty to “rushing”, so you can technically just “rush” your base level up to max if you have the prerequisite buildings and resources.
  • Upgrade houses to grow population, which is required by banks to produce money.
  • Upgrade ration truck to keep your population fed longer. If food/water is depleted, your population goes down and your money production drops.
  • Electricity keeps everything running, especially your production buildings. You can “unplug” a building by moving it off the grid (cutting off roads) and save electricity.
  • Upgrade necessary buildings only (mostly combat related covered below) unless you are a farmer and trader. Save upgrading useless/miscellaneous buildings for quests.
  • Architecture building is pure aesthetics, don’t feel bad if you’ve built a tree or fountain here and there, we’ve all done it (I have 2 trees and a fountain!).
    • You can get blueprints from daily quests.

Economy Development

  • There’s no harm in maxing your production buildings in your base, however, it’s only a priority for farmers and traders. Raiders can do them slowly and as part of daily quests.
  • Upgrade storage’s to prevent overflow when raiding.
  • Commercial hub allows you to sell excess resources, most raiders end up selling water or lumber. You get one free helicopter call per day.

Build your own resource plots

  • You can gather from resource plots in the map or build your own.
    • Research gathering speed in City Development.
    • You will need alliance technology (Resource Level and Resource Expert) unlocked to do this then go to state map > build > resource > pick a resource plot to build.
    • You will need to purchase “a pile of stones” from your alliance store to do this, costs 50 stones per plot so you can build 20 plots from each pile that you buy.
    • The closer you are to the middle, the higher level the resource plot will be.
      • Level only affects how much is available for gathering. S
      • Speed is based on your tech and how much you gather is based on your load. APC parts and heroes can help further increase gathering speeds/loads.

Zombies, Rebel Camps and Wendell’s

  • Attacking these can give you resources as well.
    • NOTE: Attacking zombies only wound your troops, they won’t die unless you overflow your hospital.
    • Shuffling give fuel, ancient gives lumber, plague gives food and mutant gives iron.
  • You can “trade” with zombies by using troops that heal with resources that you don’t need for resources that you do need. e.g., using fighters against shuffling zombie. You will use food to heal fighters to gain the fuel.
    • Rebel camps are not worth it for money, better to attack Wendell’s for money.
    • You can purposely lose against Wendell’s and send less troops to get money from damaging it. You will need T6 troops: lvl 1 (5k), lvl 5 (65k), lvl 10 (150k) & lvl 15 (300k), these are all approx numbers.
  • Zombies are the best way to level up your heroes.
    • Higher level zombies give more experience but wound more troops. You will need to find the sweet spot.
    • Switch heroes between your APCs as durability goes down to continue farming hero experience.

Looting Resources

  • Looting resources from other players, use all vehicles to increase load and decrease march time.
    • Research load improvement in both APC tech and vehicle tech to increase load further. Also, the more units you have, the more you will hold.
    • Research cross country tires in your APC tech tree to make your APC faster.
    • Alternatively, filling your APCs with all vehicles and researching suspension system in your vehicle tech tree will make it even faster.
    • Additionally, you can get APC parts (phantom) for APCs with all vehicles to further buff march and load.
  • Make sure you scout before attacking and in between attacks to ensure they have resources for you to steal.
  • Only Raider Class APC can steal money, other classes (farmer/trader) and regular barracks (even if you are raider) cannot steal money.
  • Resources are usually stolen at a 1:1 ratio and divided out based on your load space, money is stolen at a percentage.
    • Also, you will be able to steal more money from traders than from farmers because farmers have loot protection.

Excess Resources

  • Money: Use to make energy cores and chips, this will be helpful in the late game
    • Energy cores are used to craft APC parts
    • Chips are used to upgrade the war rooms
  • Resources: Sell them whenever the helicopter comes. You can also call the helicopter once per day for free, so make sure to use it before end of game day.

Combat Development

  • Fighters are used for defense, vehicles are balanced and shooters are used for offense. They have different ranges and should be placed accordingly in your APC slots.
  • Look, in any war movie or show that you’ve ever watched. Infantry is always up in front and you have archers behind them and then artillery in the back. Both shooters and vehicles have the same range, so you put vehicles in front of shooters to tank damage.

APC Formations

  • Balanced formation: Fighters/Vehicles/Shooters
  • Balanced (with more defense): Fighters/Fighters/Shooters
  • Defense Formation: Fighters/Fighters/Fighters
  • Offense Formation: Fighters/Shooters/Shooters
  • Farming Formation: Vehicles/Vehicles/Vehicles

Fluff Power vs Real Strength

The ideal Ratio of APC Power to Base Power is around 50%. Anything lower means you have fluff power because I’m sure you’ve seen players with 3 million power but their APCs only have 200,000 power, so what’s the point? That’s like a buff guy at the gym that only benches 125 lbs, all that muscle with no strength; I’d rather be the slim guy that benches 250 lbs.

Try to keep your troop training to a minimum, only train units as part of your daily quests and troops that you can actually use in your APC. It is okay to have some excess amount to account for multiple APC formations (See Unit Specialization) but this is why the ideal ratio is at 50% to account for this. The remaining 50% accounts for your other APCs and your building and tech power.

It’s not feasible to have 4 fully maxed APCs, therefore the 50% assumes you max your class APC only. However, if you are a P2W player, you might have 2 strong APCs so you can use both in calculating your fluff ratio.

Hero Development

  • Focus on Hero Skill 1 and 6, skill 1 increases your troop capacity and skill 6 further amplifies the effects of skill 1.
  • Hero skills 2, 5 and 8 are the attack skills, these have effective ranges, which affects what slot you put them in. Generally, you put them in ascending order from slot 1, it would look like this: range 3 / range 4 / range 5.
  • Might and resistance skills 3, 4, and 7 come into place later in game. There’s also tactical might and tactical resistance that affects hero skills.

I’ve listed all the orange and purple combat heroes here, their troop requirement for skill activation as well as the range for their respective damage skills. Note: A couple heroes have “friendly” skills, which helps your own units, these skill ranges are denoted with an F.

Using your APCs

  • March speed is determined by units in your APC, fighers/shooters will slow it down while vehicles will speed it up.
    • You can research cross country tires in your APC tech tree to make your APC faster.
    • Alternatively, filling your APCs with all vehicles and researching suspension system in your vehicle tech tree will make it even faster.
  • Each time you use your APC, it costs durability. Costs 5 dura to attack a player, 10 dura to attack a zombie or gather and 20 dura to attack a Wendell.
    • You can buy wrenches to repair your dura but this is not worth it. It will cost 10 wrenches to repair 10 dura then 20 wrenches to repair another 10 dura and will keep doubling.
  • You need to research March Recall in each APC tech tree to be able to recall your troops (costs 50 gems).
  • You need to research NOS in each APC tech tree to be able to speed up your APC. This costs 600 gems for 25% march time reduction and 1000 gems for 50% march time reduction.

Late-Game Unit Specialization

All of the knowledge of APC formations above still translate well into the late game. However, you have to realize that the game forces you to specialize into single unit APCs.

  • Defense: Fighter / Fighter / Fighter
  • Damage: Shooter / Shooter / Shooter
  • Speed/Load: Vehicle / Vehicle / Vehicle

Things to consider: War Rooms, APC Parts, Heroes and Tech.

  • War Rooms: There are 3 of these, 1 for each unit. Upgrading these will increase the might and resistance of your single unit APCs.
  • APC Parts: Crafting these parts and then applying it to your APC, will boost certain attributes for single unit APCs such as: Troop Load, Might/Resistance, Tactical Might/Resistance, Combat Speed, HP, Marching Speed, and so on.
  • It is very possible to fill your APC with unit-specific heroes, as these do possess unique skills that other generic heroes do not have.
  • Lastly, with tech, it’s easier to research one specific tech tree then to diversify your efforts into all 3 unit’s tech tree.

High-level take away’s from this:

  • There is no single “one best” unit or formation. This game is one of rock, paper, scissors.
    • Fighters counter shooters
    • Shooters counter Vehicles
    • Vehicles counter fighters
  • The ideal end-game state is that you max the tech tree of all 3 units.
  • So that you have the versatility to adapt to any situation that may arise. Having said that, the “best” defense formation for your base is as follows:
    • APC 1 (Specialized): Whatever unit you use as your main attacking army
    • APC 2 (Counter Shooter): Fighter / Fighter / Fighter
    • APC 3 (Counter Vehicles): Shooter / Shooter / Shooter
    • APC 4 (Counter Fighter): Vehicle / Vehicle / Vehicle

Troop Tips

  • Researching Basic Military helps reduce training time and increases training amount.
    • You might think this is useless considering how many speed up’s you have, but you can optimize your speed up usage by researching this.
    • Consider the following: it takes you 1 hour to train 1,000 vehicles vs 45 minutes to train 1,000 vehicles. You could use 3 hours of speed up’s to train 3,000 vehicles vs using the same 3 hours of speed up’s to train 4,000 vehicles (if you had the tech). That extra 1,000 vehicles might give you enough points for the quests.
  • Cloning: Time saver but costs a lot, worth it or not?
    • Cloning lab is available on Monday every week and you will see the amount of troops that you lost during the previous week. Cloning will activate on Wednesday if you decide to contribute
      • You can contribute resources or gene fragments to clone your dead troops.
    • You will save time when you clone however the resource cost for cloning is much more expensive than training cost. So you have to weigh the differences between resource cost and gained time.
    • Don’t bother buying gene fragments to clone, you’re better off buying a normal pack which will have speed up’s and resources and using that to retrain troops.
  • Enhanced Units: About half way down each unit’s tech tree, is the research called “Enhancement”. After researching this, you can enhance your units in the command center. Unlike unit promotions, it costs money to enhanced units and it also costs money to heal the enhanced units. Example of stat increases:
    • Regular T7 Cars: Atk 61, Def 34, Hp 13
    • Enhanced T7 Cars: Atk 67, Def 36, Hp 13
    • Considering the path between lvl 19 to 22 is a long one, enhanced is a nice “in between” upgrade to your troops.

Tech Development

  • Rapid Production needs to be maxed because the game will force you to research ‘Strong Polymerization’, so you might as well just max it. This is useful for daily quests and quick resources in a pinch.
  • City Development should be maxed, at least up to the gathering tech so that you can gather faster for Clash of Zones Gather Day.
  • Basic Combat needs to be maxed to be able to upgrade troops as well, as getting might/resistance for attacking zombies. Especially helpful since you will be attacking zombies to level up your heroes.
  • Zone Commemoration is a must upgrade to ensure you maximize your Clash of Zones (CoZ) chests. You can unlock boxes 4, 5, 6 and 7, 8, 9 plus you’ll get 100% to 200% more points, as well as double the rewards.


  • The “Daily Challenges” are actually HOURLY, so they do refresh every hour.
    • Always strive to get at least the first or second box
    • Depending on the event and your tech, you may be able to “profit” from using speed up’s to get more speed up’s, otherwise you will be trading speed up’s for resources.
    • You must claim the chests before the hour is up, otherwise it will just disappear.
  • You also have your actual “Daily Tasks” in your Embassy > Wages. Always try to get the 500 points to maximize this. It’s fairly easy to do, here are some tips.
    • Buy Resources: Buy 20k electricity from commercial hub (cheapest thing to buy and you need 18k)
    • Wendell: Can be level 1, doesn’t have to be max
    • Promote Troops: Can purchase “Lvl 1 Recruitment” from alliance shop twice (because you need 2000) then promote those troops, faster than purposely training low level troops to promote.
    • Rapid (Any Resource): Just have to activate rapid mode, it doesn’t have to be succcessful
    • Use Resource item: Just use the smallest denomination crate
    • Kill Zombies: Can be level 1 zombies
    • Exchange Wisdom Medal: Just exchange the green ones
    • Upgrade building: Recall from above, I save resource production buildings to upgrade for this very reason.
    • Upgrade technology: Upgrade early tech from neglected tech trees, as they will cost less.

Free to Play vs Pay to Win

  • The game offers monthly subscriptions:
    • Arms Supply is only worth it in the beginning
    • Heroes Supply is the best value for what you get
  • There are also a variety of other packages worth considering:
    • Resource packs for $10 are worth it. The $100 packs are not worth it based on what you get from $10 packs. e.g., 9M iron for $10 vs 60M iron for $100.
    • Wisdom medal packs
    • Hero experience packs
    • Limited recruitment packs
    • Courage medal packs