Honor Building Costs

I didn’t make this chart, it was floating around online. I don’t know who the original author is.

Things to note:

– Processing plants should be upgraded in parallel (same time) for efficient processing. That’s why each level is the same
– Virus labs work in series, upgrade the cheapest ones first
– Assault fortress add might buff
– Guardian fortress add resistance buff

Also, following my specialty leveling trick below, here’s a quick summary for you:

It costs 27.4 mil composite to upgrade all 4 processing plants to max.
If you spec’d the green discount of -27% cost, then it will only cost 20 mil composite.
Insta-upgrading all plants will cost a total of 280k diamonds.

Each processing plant from level 1 to 20, is worth 2.6 million build points, so maxing out two of these is good for 1 build hourly. Thus, all 4 are good for 2 back to back build hourlies.