Land Development (Green Tree Spec)

If you ever find yourself in a state that has a shortage of high level tiles. You can grow your own!

Green Tree Right Branch, takes 22 points to get to Land Development up to Level 12s.
– Click on a Tile > Strategy > Land Development
– It takes 1 hour and 200 combat command to upgrade a tile by 1 level. You get 1,000 combat command a day, you use 1 of these for every attack you do (bases, tiles, HBs, etc).
– So realistically speaking, you can upgrade 4 tiles per day and then use the other 200 to attack farms, tiles, war, etc.
– Immunity and APC power are not a factor of consideration. You can literally send an apc with 3,000 troops and it will still work.

You can upgrade tiles up to the highest level tile that you own (assuming you have the matching spec)
– I have spec’d all the way to level 15 tiles, so spec is not an issue.
– My immunity is at 4501, so I can take 11’s but 300 immunity short of taking 12’s
– Prior to having any 12’s, I could only upgrade my level 10 tiles up to level 11.
– Upon taking a 12 (with huge poisoned loss), I was able to upgrade my level 11 tiles up to level 12.