Paradigm Shift is Coming Soon?

Disclaimer: This article is simply my prediction, this could happen, a variation of this could happen, or it may not happen at all. This is based on my personal observation and recognition of the Dev’s patterns and trajectory.

For those of you that don’t know me, I used to play this game actively, I recently quit because quite frankly, this game is boring, there’s no skill component and it’s becoming more and more skewed towards P2W (Pay to Win).

Many of you probably weren’t aware of this but during the last 6-8 months, I mentored 15+ states. Thus, allowing me to stay in the loop of any new developments and to closely monitor the timeline progression of the game.

Back in 286, we first got S1 (May 2019) around day 100, that number has been going down ever since, 300’s got S1 around day 95, 400’s got S1 around day 90 and so on. Brackets used to be 80 states but then 481-600 got lumped into one bracket.

Why the acceleration and expanding bracket sizes to speed up Doomsday rollout?

Before continuing you may want to read:

Back in June 2019, states 1-80 had already finished S4 and were awaiting S5. However, they didn’t get S5, they got S4X, a shorter filler season to give them something to do and allowed 81-160 to catch up. Then in Sept 2019, SX started in 1-160, giving all 160 states Eden in one fell swoop.

Initially, given their hero disadvantage, Dev’s kept 1-80 and 81-160 in their own respective brackets. It wasn’t until Eden S2 (when heroes were “equalized”) that they combined 1-160 for one big bracket. This was also around the time when the whole migration range was changed.

Equalized (just a term I’m using), I don’t know what word the Dev’s are using but this just means all SX heroes at that point in time were made available for recruitment. Thus, equalizing the heroes across states. Disregarding the fact of course, that 1-80 had a seasons worth of recruiting to their advantage compared to 81-160.

You thought that was unfair, it gets worse. When 161-240 got Eden S1, they were able to recruit all 14 SX heroes. How do you have the time to save up enough tickets to get enough duplicates to compete?

Fast forward to the current season, it’s still called SX but it’s reverted back to normal DD now and no longer Eden. For continuity, I’ll call it S7 as I did in my other post. For S7, since 161-240 has “caught up” in heroes now, the entire bracket of S7 is 1-240.

241-320 have Eden this season and have caught up in heroes now, so next season in S8, the new bracket will most likely be 1-320. Regardless of what 321-400 gets next season (Eden or normal DD), it’ll be alone but after it’s been equalized, in the following season S9, the bracket will probably be expanded to 1-400.

I’ve summarized this in chart form and relabeled SX/Eden to their respective numbers accordingly.

The disadvantage as you can see is when a state goes from S4 to the next season, the more seasons they jump, the less likely it will be for them to save up enough tickets to recruit from an ever growing pool of heroes.

Maintaining “SX” is their way of equalizing the playing field unfairly giving the advantage to players who can buy the necessary tickets to be able to recruit enough duplicate heroes to compete.

Putting aside the hero disadvantage, do you notice anything? Anything at all? Ready for the Paradigm Shift? Again, this is just my prediction.

What major event in this game connects a large number of states together?

Clash of Zones

A bracket of 80 states, you can have groups of 10 states each.

A bracket of 400 states, you can now have divisions and then groups within those divisions.

That’s what I foresee happening. Whether they merge CoZ and DD into one major event or keep them separate but implementing a division system within DD. I don’t know.

It’s very possible for a “Legend, Gold, Silver” of DD states. Does this improve the game or make it worse? It will change everything when and if it happens.

Dev’s want to make money. P2W players already dominate F2P players, so how do you get P2W to spend more? By pitting them against other P2W so they both compete against each other by spending more and more money.

The only connection between old and new states right now is CoZ, two super states might be in the same division but they may not draw the same group. Even in the same group, they may not meet each other. But when they do, come KE and LC battle, those credit cards get swiped nonstop.

Now imagine DD with these same states fighting with each other over the span of 7 weeks and 18 potential wars together? Yea… that’s a lot of money rolling in for the dev’s.

That’s it for my spiel, I hope this opens your eyes to what could (or may never) happen and gives you some insight into why I lost interest in this game and quit.

Happy Valentines Day!

Kind Regards,