Red Specialty Tree – Combat

By far, the most intricate tree as each branch / path buffs a specific attribute:

  • Each branch has 3 paths, one for each unit type: Fighter, Shooter, Vehicle
  • Each path has the choice between might or resistance

Types of Attributes

  • Conquest (also called Skirmish or Field Battles): Attacking tiles and honor structures
  • Siege: Attacking a base
  • Defense: Defending a base
  • Damage Taken: When you take damage
  • Damage Dealt: When you deal damage

There are 3 branches: Conquest, Siege and Defense

  • Each minor node needs 3 specialty points and each major node needs 5 specialty points = 47 points to go all the way
  • First Major Node in each branch is for Damage Taken
  • Second Major Node in each branch is for Damage Dealt
  • At the end of each branch, there are 3 Major Nodes, each with their own special skill

Red Up: Conquest

  • Third Major Node: Raider Flag. Lasts for 30 minutes, can be used once a day. When placed, shows up as a green 5×5 square. Everything inside this area takes 5-10% more damage.
  • Fourth Major Node: Pioneer Flag. Lasts for 30 minutes, can be used once a day. When placed, shows up as a green 5×5 square. You save 10-50% APC Durability when attacking things inside this area. With a 50% reduction, it only costs 5 dura to attack tiles and buildings instead of the normal 10.
  • Fifth Major Node: Legion Commander. Legion Troop Command Cap +1. Normally, you can put 5 APC’s in your legion, this allows you to put 6 APC’s.

Red Right: Siege

  • Third Major Node: Invisibility (also called camo / camouflage). Lasts up to 60 minutes with a 60 hour cool down. You become invisible, you don’t appear in news, you don’t have march lines and your info in battle reports show up as “camouflaged”.
  • Fourth Major Node: Taunt. I’ve never used this nor have I seen anyone use this before. As far as I can tell, you get a might buff and I think there’s a visual change to your base as well. Not worth it in my opinion, camo is better than this.
  • Fifth Major Node: Precision Guidance. Lasts for 30 minutes with a 2 hour cool down. Gives your missile a 10-50% chance to hit directly without being affected by anti-missiles (helpful in removing stubborn bases in your way.

Red Left: Defense

  • I’ve never used nor seen anyone use this branch before.
  • Third Major Node: Fight to the death.
  • Fourth Major Node: Un-Breachable. Resistance buff when base dura is higher than 90%.
  • Fifth Major Node: Switch-a-rooney. Funniest Skill imo, 60% chance to random port you away when your base dura is lower than 80%.

Most people focus on conquest or offense branch. Specifically:

  • Might paths
  • Pioneer Flag and Legion Commander
  • Invisibility and Precision Guidance