Topic #2: Hero Choice

At this point, everyone is focused on getting any nonspecialized orange hero awakened, in order to maximize the number of troops in their APC.

Skill 1 Increases your base troop count
Skill 6 increases your skill 1 by a multiplier effect

The first skill alone will get you around 25-30k troops but when combined with the 6th skill, you’ll go up to 80k to 100k range. Multiply this by 3 heroes then a proper APC set up will have at least 250k+ troops in total.

Next thing to consider are the attack skills: Skill 2, 5 and 8.

Most attack skills do varying amounts of damage, however, there are some heroes with attack skills that have abilities as well. These are the heroes you should be focused on.

So, until you figure out your perfect APC set up with the appropriate heroes and units, I would advise you to max out Skill 1 and 6, while only unlocking Skill 2 and 5. Unlocking the first level will give you the attack skill, upgrading it only increases the damage by a set %.

Ideally, in a perfect world, once you have your perfect APC set up. You will max all skills to 10, which is hard because:

Skill 4 requires 10 purple hero medals to unlock
Skill 6 requires a duplicate hero medal to unlock
Skill 7 requires 2 orange hero medals to unlock
Skill 8 requires 3 orange hero medals to unlock

Thus, you have to be selective in order to utilize the most out of your heroes.

First row heroes should focus on resistance (Skill 3)
Second and third row heroes should focus on might (Skill 4 and 7)

During Doomsdays, we will have access to seasonal heroes, S1, S2, S3, S4. Theses heroes are sought after because of their attack skills, doing insane amounts of damage and have specialized effects.

Winning Doomsdays gives you Guaranteed S Class Hero Tickets, in addition, during Doomsday, they have hero events where your orange tickets give a chance for you to obtain S Class Heroes.