Topic #3: Hero Experience

3 Ways to Obtain Hero Experience:

1. Zombies. At this point in the game, if you aren’t gathering or attacking bases, you should be actively attacking zombies all day long to get hero exp. As your Class APC dura drops, you can switch heroes into another APC to continue attacking zombies. The higher the level zombie, the more exp you’ll get. In addition, you can upgrade your Heroes Hall to get more hero exp per zombie.

Lastly, something to consider, the amount of exp gained is based on the level not type of zombie, so level 15 camp, mutated, ancient, plagued and shuffling will all give the same amount of exp. However, they vary in strength, which affects how many wounded troops you get as well as, the type of resource they give.

Amount of Wounded troops is dependent on your APC power. My APC power is 1.27 million so I have the following wounded:

All types give 40,920 hero exp for each row of heroes and I have a level 17 Heroes Hall.
Level 15 Camp (Money): 893 wounded
Level 15 Ancient (Wood): 724 wounded
Level 15 Mutate (Iron): 714 wounded
Level 15 Shuffling (Fuel): 523 wounded
Level 15 Plague (Food): 373 wounded

I would have less wounded if I attacked plague zombies but I don’t need food, so you have to figure out what works for you.

2. Daily (Hourly) Quests

The contents of the gold box on the hourlies contain boxes of hero exp. Usually around a million experience total. Make sure you line up hourly quests with CoZ events so that you get points for both.

Once you get the hourly gold box, stop then continue in the next hour. Also, if you are using 100% tickets, use it around the 45 minute mark so it will last for 2 hourly quests.

3. Purchasing Hero Exp.

Once in a blue moon, developers will offer Hero Exp packages. Sometimes by themselves and other times, bundled with wisdom medals or orange hero tickets.


NOTE: Continuing the mindset from Topic #2 Hero Choice. In addition to knowing what heroes you want in your APC, you also have to consider which heroes to prioritize leveling up. There’s no point in pre-emptively leveling up a hero to level 35 in order to awaken him/her if you don’t have a duplicate medal to do so.

It is better to wait until you have the duplicate medals to use hero exp to level something up. In the mean time however, you should be attacking zombies with that hero to casually level it up.

I only recently got Razor and would love to awaken him but I won’t be using hero exp on him until I get a duplicate medal. Just hitting zombies though casually, he’s up to lvl 19 right now.