Topic #4: APC Parts

July 7, 2019 UPDATE: My full APC Parts Video Guide is available now:

You can produce materials for free at your Parts Factory. Four of the same type of material can be combined to create a better material. The tiers are white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. It takes a total of 1,024 white materials to create 1 gold material.

Everyone can produce Trail Blazer materials from the start, however, you need a level 20 Parts Factory to produce materials for the Dreadnought (fighters), Ranger (shooters), Phantom (vehicles) and a level 25 Parts Factory to produce materials for the Imperator (fighters) and Storm (shooters).

Now the confusing part, you only need a level 5 Parts Factory to craft APC parts. e.g., You can’t make the material until level 20 but you can craft the parts at level 5. Therefore, the game allows you to obtain material from other means than producing them at level 20.

Before I get to that, you will need a shit ton of energy cores in order to upgrade your parts factory, as well as the crafting process. Your Energy Refining Plant will convert money into energy cores. This is why money becomes such a rare commodity in the late game, everyone is constantly using money to make energy cores.

I currently have a level 16 Parts Factory and it’s probably taken me in the neighborhood of 100k+ energy cores to get here, which costed me at least 75 million cash (I don’t know the exact number).

As you upgrade your Energy Refining Plant, the Cash to Cores ratio drops because the production consumption goes down. In order to upgrade your Energy Refining Plants however, you need a lot of electricity (hence my electricity video).

Ways to obtain APC Parts / Materials:

1. You can use energy fragments (from quests and exploring) to buy material chests. I normally only use this method when it’s part of my daily tasks since it’s hard to come by fragments. Both green and blue chests have the equivalent value so either is fine.

2. You can use diamonds to buy material chests from the diamond shop. They’re under the “Other” Tab, you can get green and purple chests. I’ve saved up and opened: 2,250 Green Chests + 125 Purple chests for a combined value of 1,125,000 diamonds. With the follow distribution of materials, so you can judge for yourself the value between the two:

3. Lastly, if you don’t want to bother with materials, you can buy APC Parts. Different people have different APC packages available to them. For me, I can buy 3 purple parts or 1 orange part. Some players can buy 2 orange parts. Other players can only buy blue parts. It might be based on the user’s purchasing history.

When buying the parts, before you “open” the item, you can purchase another 3 of the same package to combine them into a better part. e.g., buying four sets of 2 orange parts and then combining them will yield 2 golden parts. Repeating this 3 times, will give you a full set of gold parts.

When looking at the crafting parts screen, the attributes displayed are based on golden parts. Lower tier parts will have lower attributes. In addition, a 4 piece set and a full 6 piece set will give you additional attributes as well. Lastly, a full set also gives you a daily one time use skill.